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The Vedanta Ashram is situated in the beautiful coastal precinct of Seatides. The Ashram is peaceful and serene.


The head of the Ashram is Swami Lokasagrahananda. Under the Swamiji’s divine guidance and leadership the ashram has attracted many devotees far and wide.

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The vision of the Vedanta Institute is to reach out the life transforming practical knowledge of Vedanta to all seekers of truth, without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion or race. To empower the youth of South Africa with the knowledge of the art of living and life skills.

Our Mission Statement:

Serve the community of South Africa through the knowledge of Vedanta through regular discourses, seminars & workshops. To serve the community through allied charity activities.


The Ashram is also blessed to have many volunteers who live at the Ashram. Among them is Sister Logie Pandaram. Read More


In promoting holistic and healthy living the Ashram has promoted Ayurveda. Dr Easvarie Reddy, who graduated from India, is based at the Ashram. Read More

The activities and projects promoted by the Vedanta Institute include:-

1. Satsangs

2. Yoga

3. Gita classes

4. Learning the Indian instruments

5. Religious Observances

5.1 Shivarathri

5.2 Gita Week

5.3 Ramayan Week

5.4 Medical Camp

6. Support for the disadvantaged

7. Educational Support

8. Feeding scheme

9. Youth Development Workshops

One of the challenges faced by the Ashram is that of funding. Read More


The Institute Lovingly invites the public to participate in the activities of the Ashram



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